The Case of Olivia Buanen is solved!!!!

What happened? Well, a few of the victims of Olivia got together and financed some research in the Philippines. There was no other chance because the local police in Germany could not help. The origin for all this conning was in the Philippines, and there they have no access. 

What did we find out? 

Olivia Buanen was the pseudo-name of a German who was living since a long time already in the Philippines. Equipped some some pictures of pretty and sexy Filipinas he started advertisements in local German newspaper and some contact sites in the Internet. This guy was a great psychologist. He was able in his emails and letters to convince even the most mistrusting people to finally send some money for her flight, for the hospital of "her" mother, for the hotel and so on. Furthermore this guy was quite clever, he only used anonymous email server (YAHOO), and his accounts as well were registered with different names. And finally he succeeded in avoiding any phone calls, because this would have blown his covers immediately. 

But he did not take the persistence, the cleverness and the stupidity of his followers into account. Stupidity because it is quite simple and fairly cheap in the Philippines to hire somebody to kill someone. And in addition, even the police, with the correct amount of money, will cover everything. Especially foreigners would not have any chance to get justice form the Philippine police. And <Olivia> had done everything to protect herself. 

Persistence and cleverness, and collecting a lot of tiny information was the reason that finally the identity and the address of Olivia Buanen was found. But the experiences with the local police was like described above. There was no chance to do anything against the guy. Fortunately our contact stayed anonymous, so Olivia could not trace him. But he could observe how the police informed Olivia about his report at the police. This way he learned very fast how business is done in the Philippines. 

But Olivia got scared as well. His identity had been discovered, and now he could expect that the police would take him into custody at any international airport. What our contact did not know as well was that Olivia had heart problems. He only observed that Olivia was suddenly taken to the hospital with an emergency ambulance. Unfortunately the quality of the Philippine hospitals is not the best, especially in the provinces, and Olivia died there. Our contact did some more research in the hospital to verify that Olivia is really dead, and could finally get the confirmation for that. Olivia died because of a stroke. 

Consequently Olivia will never appear in the Internet or anywhere else anymore. But Olivia was not the only one who was trying to con some money out of some believing and loving men. Therefore we keep the warning in our website. So please be careful when you send money to your loving girlfriend. You should only do this when you definitely know that your girlfriend exists and is really yours. The best is to first meet your friend so that you personally know all about her and you can trust her that she wil not cheat you.